Carpet Cleaning, Pet Odor, & Stain Removal Services in Fairfax, VA

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We at Carpet Rug Cleaning Fairfax are locally owned and use the newest technology to clean the carpet in your home or business with state of the art carpet cleaning equipment. Carpet Rug Cleaning Fairfax carpet cleaning technicians are IICRC certified and completely trained in carpet cleaning and installation. Carpet Rug Cleaning Fairfax carpet cleaners are carefully screened so that you will feel comfortable having them in your home or business and cleaning or installing your carpet. Carpet Rug Cleaning Fairfax carpet cleaners are courteous and will treat your home and business with respect. We at Carpet Rug Cleaning Fairfax comply with all major carpet manufacturers' recommendations, including those related to the new generation of stain-resistant carpeting. We are open 24/7.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment
Carpet Rug Cleaning Fairfax uses the latest in carpet cleaning equipment and techniques to completely clean your carpets and upholstery and leave your home or business looking new and clean. No more covering up stains and odors on your carpet and upholstery. Carpet Rug Cleaning Fairfax provides you with carpet cleaning services that will make your carpets free of dirt, clean, and bring out their original colors. We at Carpet Rug Cleaning Fairfax professionally clean those stains and high traffic carpet areas in commercial or residential locations.

Pet Odors & Stain Removal Services
We all love our pets, kids, and family members, but occasionally they have accidents. When pet stain problems are not take care of quickly, you can end up with some unpleasant carpet/ upholstery pet odor and smell that are very difficult to remove. We at Carpet Rug Cleaning Fairfax have professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning technicians with wide knowledge and products to remove complex odor problems at their source. Carpet Rug Cleaning Fairfax technicians will permanently remove stains and odors as long as there is no continuing contamination from a source (pet or other source).

The stain and odor treatment is applied as a pre-spray prior to cleaning, and an enzyme is applied after completion of the cleaning process. Our pet enzyme is a bacterial/enzyme product that safely removes urine and feces stains and odor from carpet and upholstery by bacterial digestion. All stain and odor treatments used are kid and pet safe.

Pet odor, smell, and stain removal is a worthwhile investment and can save you money from the alternate choice of complete carpet replacement. If the pet stains and odors are left untreated for a long time and not properly treated, even complete carpet replacement may not remove the odors.

Carpet Rug Cleaning Fairfax deodorizing services are specially made to treat and remove those odors deep within your carpet or upholstery and make them smell fresh and clean once again. We use IICRC approved chemicals for odor treatment and stain removal. Upon request Carpet Rug Cleaning Fairfax technicians will spray different fragrances.

Call Carpet Rug Cleaning Fairfax 24/7 today to schedule a carpet or upholstery stain removal and odor removal service.

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